Pursuit and Defense of Florida Estate Appeals

Understanding an Appeal

Many people don’t really understand how the appeal process works and how it can benefit them. This is especially true when looking at estate planning and probate law cases. To put it simply, an appeal is just a legal proceeding where the individual (or party) who lost a case asks a higher court to review the lower court’s decision.

When dealing with wills, trusts, probate, and other related types of cases an appeal does not necessarily have to come after it has already gone through the courts. For example, if a loved one has passed away and you believe that a caretaker has manipulated the individual to change the will, you can appeal the will. This will trigger the will (or other legal document) to be reviewed by the courts.

Filing an Appeal

There are many situations in which you may want to appeal a trust, will, guardianship or other legal document. Here at Luis E. Barreto & Associates, P.A. we have helped many people throughout Southern Florida to review their situation and make recommendations on whether or not an appeal could be an effective option.

Our attorneys always work closely with each client to provide the best possible advice, while always putting your goals first. If an appeal is appropriate, we can work within the court systems to get the process moving forward as efficiently as possible. We’ll make the most effective case possible to help you to get the results you deserve.

Fighting an Appeal

If you have been notified that someone is appealing a will, trust, or other legal document where you are either the executor or beneficiary it is essential that you take steps to fight the appeal as soon as possible.

We will sit down with you and go over all the legal documentation as well as the information included in the appeal against you. We’ll then work with you to go over all your different options based on your unique situation. When it is time to plead your case with the courts we will be there with you to put forth the best arguments on your behalf.

Our attorneys have been helping clients with all sorts of appeal cases since 1992, and we would be honored to help you with your case too. If you have any questions about an appeal, please don’t hesitate to contact us [Link to CONTACT US page] to set up a consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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