If you are looking to create a new will or even amend an existing will in Florida, you may be aware that you are not legally required to use an attorney. However, while do-it-yourself wills are available to you, utilizing them can leave you, your estate or your heirs vulnerable in several ways. Learning what situations can arise and might warrant the advice of an attorney is important to make sure that your estate plans are properly developed and executed.

As 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy explains, the basic things required for a will to be deemed valid are that you are of legal adult age and mentally competent at the time that your will is developed. In addition, you must follow the laws regarding proper witnesses of the signing of your will. You may not need an attorney for these things but you should think about what might happen if you believe your will contains wishes that may lead to a will contest after you die.

Your will could be contested for a variety of reasons. This might include a disinheritance of some heirs or the gifting of certain assets to someone other than your heirs believe should receive it. Taxes are another issue that you should be concerned about when creating your will. It can be difficult to understand the tax implications of certain estate planning decisions without professional input.

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Luis E. Barreto