4 Emotions You May Feel During Probate Litigation

Probate court can be a stressful time no matter what the circumstances are. You just lost a loved one, and now you’re spending a huge amount of money and time in a courtroom hearing people who didn’t know them decide what should happen to their home, belongings, and remaining money. No one said it would be easy.

Then Probate Litigation enters the picture. All of a sudden, something is wrong with this already stressful process. You’re stuck in court for even longer, paying even more money. Your emotions may be overwhelming during this time, or you may feel weirdly numb. No matter what you feel, don’t deny it. Experience it fully and then set it aside to move forward. Here are 4 emotions that you may feel during Probate Litigation:


It is common to be overcome by grief throughout the entire probate process. You just lost someone you loved, which is traumatizing to begin with, and now you are constantly reminded of them in everything you do. It is important to feel the grief instead of trying to bottle it up.


Probate Litigation is a frequently frustrating process. It is easy to get angry when you feel that someone who you loved is being disrespected. The court may be going against what you know to be your loved one’s wishes. Feel the anger and find healthy ways to release it instead of lashing out at other loved ones.


Probate Litigation can sometimes pit family members against each other. In these situations, it is easy to become resentful of those who you love over their behavior in court. You could also be resentful of how your deceased loved one behaved that led to this moment. Whatever you feel, don’t harbor it inside.


At the end of Probate Litigation, once everything is sorted at last, you may feel a great wave of calm wrap you in its arms. It can feel like a great finality: finally some rest and peace, and everything settled, for someone you loved and were close to.

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