The death of a loved one is difficult enough for family and friends; it should not be tainted by unnecessary litigation. However, just that often happens when Floridians fail to establish an estate plan. Our Miami-based law firm has helped numerous Florida residents make sense of this typically challenging and confusing situation through compassionate, but effective, probate litigation.

Since 1992, our experienced lawyers have shed light on disputes regarding the probate process and the issues that often accompany it. Estate disputes typically arise not just when a deceased family member fails to establish an estate plan, but when the plan has unclear instructions or provisions. Trouble also surfaces when family members contest a will. Being a family affair, disputes like this are always sensitive. However, our skilled lawyers know how to carefully navigate these sensitive issues without compromising the legal expertise needed to sort out the situation.

In many cases, our attorneys are able to clear up allegations of undue influence when it comes to wills. A will can be contested and eventually declared invalid, if it is established that the person who made the will was susceptible to influence, vulnerable or was coerced into making certain provisions. Forgeries invalidate wills, as well. If a child or another family member is inexplicably left out of a will or estate plan, we can help investigate the matter.

Our Miami-based law firm does not just rely on the skill and experience of our estate attorneys. We understand that facts are crucial in litigation. As a result, we constantly work with appraisers, valuation experts, accountants and other professionals to make sure the facts come out and are used to build a solid case. We also understand that despite the desire to resolve matters, it is still a time for family members to grieve. We allow families heal, while we take care of the legal issues.

Luis E. Barreto