During the estate planning process, it can help to think about the possibility of loved ones disputing the terms of a will, even if the will has been carefully laid out. An estate disagreement can be distressing for Miami families who are grieving the loss of loved ones. In some cases, heirs may think that they were left out of assets they were entitled to. An especially common estate dispute can arise when a beneficiary had remarried after a divorce or death of a spouse, and the children from previous marriages dispute the new spouse’s inheritance.

This appears to be the case to some degree between actor Robin Williams’ wife and three of his children from previous marriages. Ms. Williams was left the house she shared with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as instructions that she receive enough money to maintain the home and property. She claims that all of the personal belongings inside the home were also left to her.

Mr. Williams’ children and a former wife were reportedly left over $100 million. Additionally, his children received other property from their father’s estate and the proceeds from the sale of another home in Napa County. However, they claim that there are personal items in the San Francisco home that they should receive, such as watches, clothing, entertainment awards and photos that were taken before his marriage.

There also appears to be a disagreement over the funds that Ms. Williams should receive to help maintain her home. The family is currently working with an appraiser to determine the value of the home.

This case illustrates how a detail such as determining estate value is important, but can be left out of a will and result in a painful family dispute.

Luis E. Barreto