You are on your way back from a lovely date night when a tragic car accident occurs. With both parents catastrophically injured, would your children know what to do? Or, would they end up having to spend weeks in state custody because you failed to provide for their care in an estate document? Even if you are a Florida parent who prides yourself on parenting abilities, you may not be fulfilling all of your duties without a completed will. Many Florida families do not realize that wills and estate documents cover so much more than just financial matters – they can also determine the future for your kids.

If you fail to make adequate provisions for your children in your will, their case will eventually be taken before a court. Your children will be placed with an appropriate relative based on the court’s decision, not your directives. Sadly, many kids are sent to live with relatives that look good on paper but prove to be sorely lacking in the parenting category. Court officials have no way of knowing your personal family dynamic, which could be compromised by your decision to avoid making a will.

Your estate plan provides you with the capability to preserve your familial, financial and moral legacy. Estate-planning attorneys can help you make the best decisions for your children, making sure that your will and other estate documents will adequately provide for your family members. Who else is better prepared to find a future home for your children, after all? You can help preserve your moral and intellectual assets by ensuring that your kids are taken in by the most suitable party. Whether those new parents are relatives or friends, they will be better prepared to take on this large responsibility if they know what to expect.

Wills and estate plans do not just deal with money. Remember that your qualified probate attorney can help you learn more about the legal requirements for transferring custody of your children in the event of your death.

Luis E. Barreto