4 Emotions You May Feel During Probate Litigation

Probate court can be a stressful time no matter what the circumstances are. You just lost a loved one, and now you’re spending a huge amount of money and time in a courtroom hearing people who didn’t know them decide what should happen to their home, belongings, and remaining money. No one said it would be easy. Then Probate Litigation enters the picture. All of a sudden, something is wrong with this already Read More

What Probate Litigation Looks Like

There is a significant amount of information about avoiding probate litigation or recognizing it when it happens. However, it is worth establishing that there may be people facing the inevitable. For them, a will has been disputed, or an executor has violated their fiduciary duty. Because probate litigation happens after a loved one passes, probate litigation adds stress and confusion on top of an emotionally Read More

Tips For Meeting With Your Probate Attorney

People who face probate litigation are experiencing a wide range of emotions. In addition to bearing the emotional toll of a loved one’s passing, they are managing the stress of probate litigation. It isn’t uncommon for families to be tied up in bitter disputes for long periods.  Seeking out legal counsel is the first step towards finding the resolution you—and even the other members of your family need. To make Read More

Mistakes That Could Result In Probate Litigation

Probate is merely a legal process that manages the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries. Because that is a general and straightforward explanation of what happens, probate courts handle other things to facilitate this process. After someone passes away, not only is a probate court going to determine if a will was written, but they are going to ensure it is legal and valid. And the heirs are not the only Read More

Property Titles & Probate

Part of buying a home is ensuring that the property has a clean title. Checking for a clean title is your way of knowing that no one else can claim the property. Creditors may have a lien on the house, for example.  But what happens when you inherit real property? When a person establishes a will, it goes to probate after they pass away. Including a house or a piece of land in a will is not uncommon. All wills Read More

When Probate Litigation Becomes Your Only Option

Some people might gloss over this topic because they don’t intend for their assets to ever go through probate. But here are three examples of when probate is unavoidable: Dying without a will or trust Dying with a will  Dying with assets but not in an established trust Even if you create will, your assets will pass through probate. Trusts, however, will not have to go through probate. When you pass away Read More

3 Tips For Avoiding Conflict During Probate

Estate planning is for the benefit of your family. Imagine being in the middle of a large family argument. And these are the arguments that lead to probate litigation. There are several ways in which a lack of estate planning can instigate conflict amongst the people you love the most. Disagreements over inheritance Different interpretations of your will Disagreements on how to care for you  Get Ahead Read More

Why Second Marriage Cases Could Result In Probate

There is a significant possibility that your estate plan could end up probate. If you choose to create a will, it has to. But what about probate litigation? And why would a second marriage lead to it?  People might point out that half of all marriages end in divorce. But what about second or even third marriages? The odds of divorce increase.  And the majority of people who get divorced do get Read More

The Road To Probate Litigation

Before we discuss how people end up in probate litigation, there needs to be a generalized understanding of what probate is. In Florida, when someone passes away, all of their money, property, belongings, and debts become their estate. This estate can get dispersed to surviving spouses, family members, and even to creditors that the deceased had obligations to repay. This is probate.  For example, if someone Read More

DNR Orders Explained

It is quite common to hear about do not resuscitate, or DNR, orders in television shows and movies. While they often play an important part on the screen, they may be a critical component of your advanced care directives in real life. In your life, a DNR could have a very real impact on what care you receive, so it is important to have a good understanding of what a DNR really means, why you might want one, and how Read More